Getting Started#

To get a quick overview of what you can do with vuer, check out the following:

Setting up the conda environment:

conda create -n vuer python=3.8
conda activate vuer

Install vuer — the latest version is 0.0.22 on pypi.

pip install -U vuer==0.0.22

Running These Examples#

It would also be helpful to install open3d==0.15.1 and trimesh so that you can run some of these examples, but vuer itself does not depend on these libraries. Note: other 0.15.x versions are fine too, just not the newest version if you are on an M1 Mac.

pip install open3d==0.15.1 trimesh

Now clone this repo,

git clone

Optional: If you want to develop vuer, you can install it in editable mode:

cd vuer
pip install -e .

To run the examples, look for the asset you need in the assets folder, and run the Makefile to download the dataset.

cd assets/static_3d

Then you can run the examples in vuer/examples.