Welcome to vuer

Vuer is a light-weight visualization toolkit for interacting with dynamic 3D and robotics data. It is VR and AR ready, and can be run on mobile devices. To get started, just run:

pip install 'vuer[all]==0.0.32-rc7'

Here is an example that loads a URDF file and displays it in the browser. For a more comprehensive list of examples, please refer to the examples page.

from vuer import Vuer, VuerSession
from vuer.schemas import DefaultScene, Urdf

app = Vuer()

async def main(session: VuerSession):
  app.set @ DefaultScene(

  while True:
    await session.sleep(0.1)

Vuer is built by researchers at MIT and UCSD in fields including robotics, computer vision, and computer graphics.

  • light-weight and performant

  • VR and AR ready

  • has a strong community support

  • Hackable and extensible

  • Open source, licensed under MIT

To get a quick overview of what you can do with vuer, check out the following:

For a comprehensive list of visualization components, please refer to the API documentation on Components | vuer.

For a comprehensive list of data types, please refer to the API documentation on Data Types.