Movable Grippers (in WebView and VR)#

The movable component allows you to wrap objects inside, and change their position and orientation. The following exmaple shows how to detect the OBJECT_MOVE events.

Detecting Movement#

To get the current location of the gripper, you can bind to the OBJECT_MOVE event. The event object also contains the key of the movable that is being moved. This is a way to identify the movable object.

I plan to make it possible to bind the event listener to a specific movable object for a more compact API.

async def handler(event, session):
    print(f"Movement Event: key-{event.key}", event.value)

As usual, we spawn the main session:

async def main(session: VuerSession):
    session.set @ DefaultScene()

    session.upsert @ Movable(Gripper(key="not-moving"))
    import numpy as np

    for i in range(10000):
        # We move the gripper at a const speed around the origin.
        x = np.sin(i / 60) / 2
        y = np.cos(i / 60) / 2
        session.upsert @ Movable(Gripper(), position=[x, y, 0], key='moving-one')
        await sleep(0.016)