Hand Tracking#

The Hand component offers a way to stream the current pose of the hand to the server.

Using ngrok to promote to wss://

You need to install ngrok to promote the local vuer server from ws://localhost:8012 to wss://xxxx.ngrok.io, (note the double w[ss] in the protocol), and pass it as a query parameter that looks like this:


Note the repeated ws and then wss:// in the query string.

Here is the what it looks like with the Vision Pro

Getting Hand Movement#

You can get the full pose of the hands by listening to the HAND_MOVE event. You can add flags left and right to specify which hand you want to track.

from vuer import Vuer, VuerSession
from vuer.schemas import Hands
from asyncio import sleep

app = Vuer()

async def handler(event, session):
    print(f"Movement Event: key-{event.key}", event.value)

async def main(session: VuerSession):
    # Important: You need to set the `stream` option to `True` to start
    # streaming the hand movement.
    session.upsert @ Hands(fps=30, stream=True, key="hands")

    while True:
        await sleep(1)