Vuer Basics# has two main components: a server written in Python and a client app that runs in the web browser.

The server-side component is responsible for populating and manipulating 3D scenes.

The client-side component is a web application written in TypeScript and react-three-fiber. The vuer web client receives data from the server through a websocket connection, hydrates the components within those messages, and then renders those components in the 3D scene using WebGL. This web-based client-server setup allows users to interact with objects in the 3D scene in real-time while taking full advantage of the power of AI and robotics libraries in Python.

In other words, offers a powerful, component-based API in python for interacting and manipulating 3D scenes. Its web-client also offer native webXR support, allowing users to interact with the scene with devices such as the Oculus Quest 3, and the Apple Vision Pro .