Getting Started#

To get a quick overview of what you can do with vuer, check out the following:

Setting up the conda environment:

conda create -n vuer python=3.8
conda activate vuer

Install vuer β€” the latest version is 0.0.29-rc9 on pypi.

pip install -U 'vuer[all]==0.0.29-rc9'

Now you should be able to run scripts show in the examples, and look at the results on To view the scene in VR or AR headsets, you need to install ngrok (see setting up ngrok) to promote the websocket to wss.

Using ngrok to promote to wss://

You need to install ngrok to promote the local vuer server from ws://localhost:8012 to wss://, (note the double w[ss] in the protocol), and pass it as a query parameter that looks like this:

Note the repeated ws and then wss:// in the query string.

Developing Vuer (Optional)#

If you want to develop vuer, you can install it in editable mode plus dependencies relevant for building the documentations:

cd vuer
pip install -e '.[all]'

To build the documentations, run

make docs